The Armed Forces Correspondence Application


Enabling Electronic Records Management & Eliminating Administrative Distractions

Why Eliminating administrative distractions is important

Sailors and Marines need to focus their  time on what is important.


Improves the tooth to tail ratio.


A software tool that eliminates a significant administrative distraction by automatically producing properly formatted, digital signature-ready, Directives, and Naval Correspondence, and capturing metadata critical to electronic records management (ERM). In testing, AFCA cut in half the time to format documents compared with a template.

It's Comprehensive

• Automation virtually eliminates the need for reference manuals

• Supports all types of OPNAV and Marine Corps Directives, Letters, and Memorandums


It's simple

• Integrated into Microsoft® Word

• Supports Times New Roman and Courier New Fonts

• Captures metadata automatically to create a document taxonomy for ERM


It's secure

• Automated portion marking: Classified Information, CUI, & NNPI.

• Integrated FIPS 140 digital signatures

• No macros



System Requirements

• Windows 10 and 8.1

• Hard disk space ~31 MB

• Microsoft Word 16.0 (O365, 2019 and 2016)

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